Loss of production, lost man hours and increases in insurance premiums are all the possible results of neglecting the important aspect of health and safety training in the office, your company or any sort of workplace. Compensation and litigation claims are quite frequent in such situations. To get a hold, a comprehensive training for the introduction of health and safety is the first step a company must take. Acting as the constructive bridge between the employees and management in the crucial matter of occupational safety and health, ORDOSAFE has brought a fresh and innovative approach through our consultancy and safety training offer in the Middle East region UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait. ORDOSAFE Consultants aim is to train our clients to assist them in achieving their goals, whether it is a new job, promotion they were expecting or indeed a certificate they deserve. By this we are trying to contribute to the overall safety of people at their workplace. ORDOSAFE strives to exceed expectations in providing occupational health & safety consultancy services and training in the Gulf Countries.

Courses for Individuals


ORDOSAFE offers a huge range of NEBOSH health & safety, City & Guilds and ILM leadership and management courses to working and non-working individuals that are interested in giving a boost to their career by training with us. With numerous dedicated students benefiting all over the Middle East, we are confident in our aptitude to give you all the training related to health and safety, to get you to the desired position.

Courses for Corporate organisations


The corporate division of ORDOSAFE provides a blend of management and safety training courses which are tailored to fit all models of business sector. We fully support large International companies for Health, Safety and Environment and also leadership and management training.

Best Practices for Business


Other than training, our consultative approach provides multiple delivery methods for learning and strategic planning.  Assurance of best practices and ongoing measurement with the provision of industry standards is the key to our success.

Health and Safety Training
  • The First Step
  • The First Step

Induction training for new hires is conducted in many organizations on the first day of employment to impart information on company policies. The company rule book may also be provided and the finest details are explained for understanding and clarity. Which includes

  • Muster points and site evacuation procedure
  • Risks assessment and their association with the employee’s duties
  • Fire precautions and firefighting equipment location
  • Handling and use of machinery and specific equipment
  • Near miss and accident reporting

ORDODAFE implements years of professional and practical experience in providing useful aid through our health and safety training. It is our passion to create a harmless working environment for every individual in any type of setup.

Benefits of Our Safety
  • Training Courses
  • Training Courses

Any individual or organization can apply for our practical training to benefit from our systematic approach, and can easily maintain good strategies for health and safety. The skills imparted by our unparalleled consultancy services and safety training courses assist in ensuring major and minor risks are mitigated easily in every workplace.

  • We always try to meet or exceed our customer needs, that is why we provide flexible options for training
  • We deliver the most interactive and comprehensive courses
  • We conduct workshop to support your qualification with non conventional methods
  • 24/7 access to the eLearning portal
  • Tutors are available online for course detailing
  • We provide email and telephone support


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